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Let our experience in sedation dentistry help you END YOUR FEAR and begin the professional care you need.

Our Mission:

In it’s simplest terms, our mission is to help people. That’s why we are here – to serve patient’s needs in a comfortable and respectable way. Dentistry can be an unpleasant experience-there are strange sounds and smells, discomfort of procedures, and invasion of a very personal part of us. Our dental office empathizes with you regarding these matters. Our goal is to make visits as comfortable as possible. We want to provide you with the gentleness and respect you deserve.

We Understand Your Need for Compassionate Dental Care

Did you know that half the American population does not see a dentist for regular exams? You are not alone if you have anxiety about visiting the dentist. We hope to gain your trust in us so that we can help you end your fear and begin the professional care you need.

Whether you need teeth cleaning, fillings, crowns or other dental procedures we offer the caring and understanding you need; not judgements. We perform numerous dental treatments. We won’t lecture you – we will provide quality care that will remedy the problem.

Sometimes, though, even that isn’t enough. That is why we offer patients the opportunity to receive dental treatment while sedated. Many of our patients would not have dental procedures performed any other way. We have seen patients who haven’t visited a dentist for 40 years because of their fear. Many people are afraid of the pain, needles, or are just embarrassed by the condition of their teeth. Sedation dentistry can help you overcome these anxieties.

How Sedation Can Help You

The use of sedation allows us to perform, in one morning, procedures that would normally require 5-10 office visits. Not only that, most patients have no recollection of the treatments performed. We are pleased to serve you by offering our training and experience in sedation dentistry.

We Offer Full-Service Dentistry in Cary, NC

Based in Cary NC, Dr. Nathaniel Leedy, practices a full scope of general, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry with expertise ranging from composite fillings, dental implant restorations, crowns and bridges to extractions, root canals, routine cleanings, and teeth whitening for residents of the Raleigh area. Our office is located at 530 New Waverly Place, Suite 100, Cary, NC. Call us at Nathaniel Leedy, DMD, PA Phone Number 919-854-1818. Contact us for a full range of treatments or questions.