Testimonial #34

This was my latest 6 month check-up, x-rays, and cleaning. I’ve been a patient many years and this review easily fits any prior visit.

Now in my mid fifties I’ve lived in many other cities and have been treated by many other dentists. I’ve never had better dental care. Dr. Rushin’s skill set, that is the technical part of her craft, the part one learns through training and education, is flawless. And yet that’s not even the best part.

There are perhaps other dentists with similar skills. Even if you were lucky enough to find one it still could not equal the overall experience you’ll enjoy here. The best part of being treated by Dr. Rushin and her staff (whole office really) is the comfort one enjoys from being truly cared for, and care about. Genuine care can’t be taught, learned, or faked. Yes it’s rare but there’s nothing else like it.

This kind of person is usually surrounded by those of similar nature. This is not by chance. Warm and genuine begets warm and genuine. Such is the case for her entire practice. I know, technically they’re employees, but you’ll have to remind yourself that’s so. I’d call it more like family but we don’t to choose family. Dr. Rushin’s carefully chosen team are each a natural extension of the very best parts of her.

If you just can’t imagine this kind of dental care is possible you’re where I was many years ago. Now I can’t imagine anything else.

Mack Price