Testimonial #40

Due to my high anxiety and fear of going to the dentist, I hadn’t seen a dentist in many years. I had filling that had fallen out and two broken back teeth for years. My fear was so overwhelming I could not even bring myself to make the call to the dentist. That is, until I started having lots of pain and developed several abscesses. I remembered hearing Dr. Rushin’s radio adds…endyourdear.com. I made the call to Dr. Rushin’s office and was greeted by the most pleasant, compassionate person you could imagine. Nancy made me feel comfortable and not silly at all for being 55 years old and afraid of the dentist. I have had two sedation treatments, three teeth pulled and a cleaning with no memory or pain at all. I am excitedly waiting for my partial. I am so happy I made the call to Dr. Rushin, and so are my two daughters. One is a Physicians Assistant and the other is a Dental Assistant. They both know the health risks of not seeing a dentist regularly and have been trying to get me to go to a dentist for years. Dr. Rushin and her staff are so friendly, compassionate and understanding, they will “end your fear” of going to the dentist just as they have mine! I cannot thank them enough!!

Forever grateful,

Barbara Wilson