Testimonial #41

I’ve been going to Dr. Rushin for 10 years. And in all those years, never once did she indicate a need for anything beyond the standard cleaning and x-rays. Over the years, I gained great confidence that she will only do what is necessary for me to have healthy teeth. It wasn’t until this year that one of my old fillings cracked and she found it necessary to replace the filling, given the risk of further damage to the tooth. Since I hadn’t had a needle or drill in my mouth in more that a decade, I was a little nervous and even came close to cancelling my appointment. But, I bit the bullet and had her replace the filling. Never in my life have I had someone work so gently in my mouth. I never felt the Novocaine shots and never felt any discomfort from the drilling. Low and behold, in less that 30 minutes, the entire job was complete and I was on my way out the door. I was even surprised at the cost; thinking it would have cost more. The entire staff is wonderful.

Thanks Dr. Rushin and KP for may my dental visit the best possible.


Cary, NC